What to Expect

What to Expect

Visiting The Crossroads for the first time?

Our church is about as laid back as they come, from pastors in aloha shirts to drinking coffee in church, we’re a body of believers that truly practices the “come as you are” mentality. We don’t dress in suits and our best Sunday dress, and we don’t expect you to either, just come as you are.


When you arrive at The Crossroads for the first time, you may notice we don’t look quite like your typical church, and there’s a reason for that – we operate as much more than just a Sunday worship service.

Our typical service starts out with music, words will be up on the screen – we welcome you to join with us in praise. We usually have announcements in between a couple songs, you can also look in your bulletin to see what we’re up to as a church. Next, you can expect the message, we encourage you to grab a Bible in one of the seats around you (or bring your own) and follow-along with the passage that our message references. There is also a note sheet in your bulletin for you to be able to take sermon notes to help you recall passages or key messages. Our service ends in prayer, where we look to God to thank Him, ask Him for guidance and rejoice in His goodness.


On your first visit, you may also notice we don’t pass an offering plate. We believe that giving is an act of worship, so instead we invite you to drop an offering in the box on the stage during the singing, or use the box in the back of the church. (At our Columbus Campus, just look for the offering container by the snacks.)

On the second Sunday of the month, we also have communion – we welcome all who believe and have confessed their faith in Christ to join us in Communion. On communion Sundays, we also pass a collection for our benevolence fund. All money donated to this fund goes to directly help those in need in our community.

Once our service is done, we welcome you to stay for our “Crossroads Cafe”, where snacks, coffee and juice are available. Come grab a bite and say hi.

Johnson Creek Campus

Our new facility is located at 111 South Street in Johnson Creek (The old high school building). Parking is in the upper lot off of South Street. The entry doors are located in the elbow of the building by the fenced-in play yard and marked with signs. As it’s a large facility, our welcome signs will help direct you to the hallway on your left. You’ll be able to view the Kids Connection rooms and Crossroads Cafe on your way to the Sanctuary.


If you are joining us for service and you have children along with you, feel free to take advantage of our various youth ministries for newborns up to children in 6th grade. Of course, you are always welcome to have your children stay with you in the service; feel free to grab a bag of activities from the box at the back of the Sanctuary. These contain things such as crayons and coloring pages to help entertain the little ones.

Our Johnson Creek campus houses not only church services, but also a state licenced day care Monday – Friday, youth ministries throughout the week, men’s and women’s monthly studies, and so much more! Check out our ministries to see what we are up to.

Columbus Campus

Our Columbus Campus services are at our storefront location 132A S. Ludington Street, Columbus, WI. In addition, we operate The Pantry out of a storefront on Ludington Street.

If you are joining us for service and you have children along with you, feel free to take advantage of our play room, full of toys and games to help keep them entertained. Of course, you are always welcome to have your children stay with you in the service too!

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We hope your first visit will not be your last, if you have any questions, or if you are looking for more information, feel free to e-mail us or call (877) 357-8458.